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Volume 33, Issue 2 (2012) & Volume 34, Issue 1 (2013)

Special issue
Islam in the Netherlands: Entering the twenty-first century
Guest editor: Maurits S. Berger



From the editor / De la redaction / Van de redactie • i-vi

Maurits S. Berger • 1-16
Introduction: Islam in the Netherlands

Martijn de Koning • 17-34
Between the Prophet and Paradise: The Salafi struggle in the Netherlands

Jan Jaap de Ruiter • 35-58
The distinction between Islam and Muslims in the Dutch anti-Islamization discourse

Thijl Sunier • 59-82
Space-making and religious transformation: Mosque building in the Netherlands

Eric R. Roose • 83-106
The myth of the orientalist mosque: Towards an iconography of Islamic architecture in the Netherlands

Khadija Kadrouch-Outmany • 107-128
Burial practices and desires among Muslims in the Netherlands: A matter of belonging

Maurits S. Berger • 129-152
Responding to sharia in the Netherlands